Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts The Institute

The Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts is an international body established to further the understanding of martial arts, and the awareness of martial artists, around the world.  Established in 2011, the Institute supports training, qualifications, research, and the exchange of experience, through a range of programmes and activities, as well as providing specific support to its Members and Fellows.  

For the purposes of Membership of the Institute, “Advanced” is taken to mean at or beyond the level of first degree black belt.  The belt or qualification are not themselves mandatory - it is the amount of experience that matters, and martial artists without grade who have an advanced level of experience are welcome.  For the purposes of the Institute’s work, “Integrated” is taken to mean practising martial arts in a way that draws together learning from more than one martial art, or from traditional martial arts and other related disciplines.   

Members and Fellows

Any advanced martial artist, from any martial discipline, living anywhere in the world, may apply to become a Member of the Institute.   Membership is free, and confers a range of benefits including discounts on Institute activities.   

The Institute offers an extensive Fellowship programme, encompassing not only day to day support, but also opportunities for international exchange, and post graduate qualification.  Acceptance as a Fellow of the Institute conveys the authority to use the letters F. Inst. AIMA after your name.  

Fellowship Exchanges

As part of the Institute’s wider study visits programme, Fellows have access to a unique international exchange scheme, which enables Fellows to train with other advanced martial artists around the world, at minimal cost.  

Governing Body

The interests of the Institute are guided through consultation with its Governing Council of Directors and Honorary Fellows, made up of advanced martial artists from around the world.  

Black Belts and Doctorates

The Institute confers Degree (or “Dan”) grades in Integrated Martial Arts.  It can also confer, on experienced applicants who can demonstrate their suitability, the award of a First Degree (“black belt”) by a mixture of distance assessment and accreditation of prior learning.  Alongside conventional martial arts qualifications, the Institute cooperates with its colleagues around the world to support its Fellows in achieving post graduate academic qualifications to Masters and Doctorate level.  

Institute Services

The Institute supports its Fellows with an extensive programme of training in advanced martial arts, and in particular the understanding of, and teaching of, martial arts, including the development and running of martial arts programmes and schools.  

The Institute Today

In 2016 the Institute’s governing body agreed to a major change in the way the Institute works.  The bulk of this change is a transformation of the Institute’s courses from in-person to on-line.  As this will bring about a significant change in membership services, while the Institute’s services to existing Members and Fellows continue, no new Memberships or Fellowships will be accepted until the transformation is complete.  We expect this to be some time in 2018.  

In the meantime, our extensive website has been replaced with this holding page, while the staff work behind the scenes.  We still welcome your e-mail enquiries and you can continue to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.