The Institute

The Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts is an international body established to further the understanding of martial arts, and the awareness of martial artists, around the world.  Established in 2011, the Institute has supported training, qualifications, research, and the exchange of experience, through a range of international programmes and activities, as well as providing specific support to its Members and Fellows.  

The Institute was formed with the help of a Council of Honorary Fellows, made up of advanced martial artists from around the world.

Martial Arts Instructor Training

From 2016 to 2019, with new opportunities arising for research and post graduate qualification for martial artists, the Institute focused its work more closely on the development of training modules for martial arts teachers, designing an extensive modular Instructor qualification programme across 8 teaching levels.

On Line Training and Video Production

From 2019, the focus on the Institute has been on the production of on-line materials, in particular the production of videos aimed at training martial arts teachers in line with its qualification programme, or bringing historical and scientific insight into martial arts.  

Look out for the words “an IAIMA Production” on videos.

Membership of the Institute

Originally a membership organisation, with its change of focus since 2016, while the Institute maintains the same support as before for existing Members, it no longer accepts applications for membership.


The Institute has maintained an auspicious Fellowship programme since its inception.  Fellows of the Institute may use the letters FInstAIMA.

Fellowships continue to be awarded  to those who have contributed to the production of the Institute’s training materials for advanced martial artists.

Production Partnerships

The Institute’s production activities are done behind the scenes, with partners who bring specialist skills to the process.  Look out for our work with the production company Chinatown Dragon, part of the LCTKD group, which supports the technical end of video production, and with different martial arts schools around the world, who provide the content.

Contact Us

The Institute helps to inspire change quietly and encourage learning without fanfare, working behind the scenes with our partners.  

We are still happy to hear from you, and we welcome your ideas and interest.  You can send us e-mail enquiries, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.